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This is not an ordinary surfcamp experience! It's like 4 surf trips in 1. You'll be amazed at the variety and persistence of surfing in Madagascar. Explore the world-class reef breaks in southwestern Madagascar with Mada Surf Tours in Tulear, surf the waves in Anakao, Sarodrano, Mangily and other surf spots in Madagascar.

The unsurpassed hospitality of the locals and the excellent quality of food at the lowest prices is found almost nowhere else in the world. This is the surf trip of your life! From Tulear we go along the coast looking for waves along the journey. Madagascar is the wildest and most surprising place you've ever been. Each city has its own classic third world portrait mixed with an attempt to modernize the Western world and cool parties that take place every night of the week. One thing we are really proud of is the variety of experiences during the surfing trip. Surely one of the best things about this surf trip and our guests appreciate it the most!

In summary, Madagascar is not a place for "city children"! You will be in one of the most remote places in the world, far from modern civilization and comfort. Only you and your friends will be surrounded by virgin waves and strange plants and animals. If you think you are adventurous enough to handle all sorts of surprises, this is the place for you!

The itinerary may change depending on the conditions of the sea:

  • Stop # 1 Tulear (beachfront hotel)
  • Stop # 2 Ifaty-Mangily (beach hotel)
  • Stop # 3 Sarodrano (beach hotel)
  • Stop # 4 Anakao (beach hotel)
  • ...

Prices and deals

Surf high season April - September
Surf off season October-March

Gash Pack Tour rates - € 350 per person per week for two people
Valid for the whole year - further days 50 € / day. Single traveler rate 420 € per week - further days 60 € / day

  • Meeting and greeting from Tulear airport or bus station, as well as return transfer
  • Rental boards on request
  • Overnight at the Tulear Beach Camp Hotel
  • Accommodation on the beach in Mangily, Sarodrano and Anakao
  • All long routes to the northern and southern reef break base camps by boat
  • To all outer-reef-surf places by boat with outboard
  • friendly guide with exact local knowledge and travel consultants
  • This is not a normal surfing experience!
  • daily surf lessons and useful tips
  • A mandatory surcharge of € 50 per person is payable on arrival to receive a special child sponsorship program in the nearby coastal villages.
  • Tours start and end every Monday from Tulear. You can arrive or depart on other days, but if there is a tour, transfers will be made at your own expense. The transfer costs should not exceed 20 € per person and will be arranged for you.

More Infos

Suitable for Beginners
Suitable for Intermediates & Advanced
Airport shuttle service

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Address & Contact

Mada Surf Tours
Boulevard Lyautey Toliara
601 Tulear
Phone: +261322612623
23° 21' 17.946" S, 43° 39' 54.63" E


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